Our Story

Hi I’m Kris and this is the story of Devilicious!


It all started back in October 2013. I lived in Western Australia, where I met (my now husband) Roy, on an Internet dating site. 6 months later I was flying to Victoria to meet him (in the flesh) and also meet what were to be my future in-Laws, Thelma & Gordon, residing in Bendigo, Victoria.


Upon gifting a boutique chocolate to Roy’s Mum, she immediately turned it over and looked at the back of the packaging for the ingredients. She informed me that unfortunately she could not eat the chocolate, as she was Gluten intolerant and it may contain wheat which would make her sick.


Very disappointed, but enquiring no further (respecting that she was on a ‘specialty’ diet) nothing more was discussed. As I had been a vegetarian for 25 years, I was also quite aware of the consequences associated with being marginalized with food choices, along with the many issues regarding the limit of options.


As Christmas approached however, I decided I would surprise Roy’s mum with a basket of ‘’Gluten free’’ goodies and indulgences to make up for the error I made previously… and what better way than to purchase a specialty food gift basket catering for her diet! I scoured online, but discovered very limited options regarding gift hampers specifically designed for Gluten free diets – the ones that were available had no guarantee that all the contents were 100% safe. Besides this, they all looked quite boring, and containing little choices in content.


It was at that moment that I decided to put a basket together myself, to spoil her with treats that were exciting, decadent and delicious.


I attempted to source Gluten free items from the ‘Health Food’ section of supermarkets, noticing that all the packaging looked incredibly dreary and dull, with little ‘bling’ in their presentation compared to the same packaging of mainstream confectionery, snacks, nibbles, goodies etc.


After hours in the aisles, reading the backs of all the products for ingredients, that Christmas I was finally able to present Mum that with a special gift, compiled especially for her.


I now also had the confidence to know and assure Mum that she would not get sick from any of the contents, as not only were all the contents certified, but hand selected exclusively by me.


As of Jan 1st 2022, 8 years down the track (a small hiatus, due to my husband’s ill health) we have now re-launched Devilicious, continuing its original conception of specializing in ‘ Dietary Food Gift Hampers, catering to 100% Gluten intolerant diets, and ethical Vegans, and Vegetarians… but now adding 100% Organic (many Certified) along with Dairy Free, to our luxury hampers.


My eldest daughter Nikki has designed the most incredible Devilicious logo that completely sums up what Devilicious is all about. Slightly naughty, decadent and indulgent.


During the original launch of the Devilicious website, my youngest daughter Stevie jumped on board and agreed to become ‘the face’ of Devilicious via the banner.


Devilicious Dietary Deliverance…. Offering a gift of  food and lifestyle indulgences with integrity, credibility, and trust, especially for you.”